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We are a group of youth community leaders advocating for public health in the OKC metro area.
Our current priorities are:

*increasing youth emotional wellbeing
*reducing youth alcohol use
*reducing youth marijuana use

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Why “Monster Soup”?

Monster soup is a reference to one of the first public health satire posters. In this famous image, activists were criticizing local authorities for water pollution because it was causing people to become sick with cholera and typhoid.

The Monster Soup Society continues the tradition of looking for what causes harm in our community…and then doing something about it!

Click to see the Original Monster Soup Poster

What we do:

The Monster Soup Society trains youth leaders to identify root causes of community problems and empowers them to make plans to improve where they live.

The Monster Soup Society is youth-driven. Youth leaders will educate their communities, create social media, organize events, meet with community leaders and organizations to advocate for change, work on policies, and more.

Who we are:

We are a new coalition of youth leaders and YOU can help build the Monster Soup Society! We are supported by C.A.R.E. Consulting Group and the Oklahoma Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services Community Based Prevention Services grant.



How do I Join?

We are looking for passionate youth leaders ages 11-18 years old who care about their community. It doesn’t matter if you like to be out in front or behind the scenes – there is a job for you! There will be a middle school group and a high school group.

Click here to apply to be in the Monster Soup Society.

Why Apply?


We believe youth-led solutions to youth problems are the way to go.  We believe youth and adults should teach each other.  We believe youth have a lot to offer to their communities.

Different Ways to Serve

Community issues need lots of community members at the table – we will find a place for you!

Learn Skills

Setting goals, making big plans, different styles of communication, problem-solving, researching…these are just some of the skills community activists learn.

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